Why are whole grains good for your health?

Importance of whole grains Healthy dietary recommendations worldwide advise including starchy carbohydrates into your food choices, particularly higher fibre whole grain varieties. Some people think starchy foods are fattening, but gram for gram they contain less than half the calories of fat. Whole grains are a good source of fibre and provide our body with […]

Is red meat a cancer risk?

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Red meat and cancer risk You may have seen conflicting headlines in the media with regards red meat and cancer risk. In this blog we look at the evidence and ask what can it tell us. What do the experts say about red meat and cancer risk? Comprehensive reviews of the evidence with regards cancer […]

How much red meat can you eat to remain within government guidelines?

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Table 1. Average weights of commonly consumed meats Type of meat Cooked weight Raw weight How to measure Type of meat Lean beef mince* Cooked weight 100g Raw weight 125g How to measure About a quarter of a 500g pack size – use the size of pack as a guide Type of meat Beef burger* […]

What is red meat?

Although the term red meat may describe a familiar category of food, there currently isn’t a consistently agreed definition of what types of meat fall within this category. It may be more obvious that meat like beef and lamb are red meat but what about other types of meat like pork, veal, venison and goat? […]

Is red meat bad for you, or is red meat healthy?

Can red meat be part of a healthy diet? Red meat has had considerable attention in the media in recent years, and its effect on health and the environment can be controversial. There has been a growing interest in more plant-based diets for health and sustainability but there is also awareness of the nutritional value […]