Will reducing the UK’s red meat consumption improve our environmental impact?

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With food production so intrinsically linked, removing or reducing livestock is likely to lead to a less sustainable food system, with unintended consequences for the wider environment (for example, water quality, biodiversity, etc). With sustainability imperative to food security and affordability, removing or dramatically reducing livestock could have huge implications on the availability of affordable […]

What about the environmental impact on livestock farming?

Ruminants such as cattle and sheep play a vital role in sustainable food production. They are one of the only food species able to convert grass – which humans can’t eat, into something we can eat – meat. Removing them from the grasslands that cover 60% of farmland would remove much of this land from […]

What would happen if the world converted to veganism?

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Well-balanced vegan diets can provide the nutrients the body needs to be healthy. However, animal-derived foods contribute to intakes of vitamin B12, iron and zinc in our UK diet. So, if they are avoided it’s important to ensure that these nutrients are provided by other dietary sources, such as supplements or fortified foods. We need […]