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There are a range of tools and step-by-step guides available to help you when navigating content online. Learn more about these resources and find out what we are doing to make our website more accessible. We are continually aiming to make sure that our content can be accessed by everyone, including those with hearing, visual, cognitive and motor impairments. We are currently awaiting the results of our accessibility audit and will be releasing our accessibility statement soon. Here are some key initiatives we’re working on:

  • An accessibility specialist has been appointed to carry out a full audit of our site
  • Making improvements to our use of colour on our website and user interface
  • Investigating ways in which our video output can be more accessible, such as using subtitling
  • Improving the way our content is structured and written so that it can be understood by the widest possible audience
  • Quality assurance testing to inform our plan for improving the website's functionality and accessibility

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